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Friday, November 21, 2014

Older Woman Chic Magnet!

Hope you are warm and safe this evening. After a week of freezing temps we are in the sixties with rain today. Can't complain at all because I have been checking the news and most of you are already having snow flurries. Brrrr
Doing my best tonight to do a post on my brand new laptop. Yes I am excited I gave in to spending the money and bought me another laptop. It's not the one I wanted but more of what I thought I should spend and compatible for what I use a computer for.
Don't ask me why but I bought a touch screen and at this moment I am trying to type this post on a screen size of about 100 percent. I keep moving my fingers every which way to lower the size to normal but for reasons beyond my comprehension it seems to just get bigger the more I try.
So not sure what the final results of this post will look like. I feel so dumb when it comes to new tech toys. I am still learning the smart phone and have had it forever.
I did manage to download one of Christi's engagement pictures that her and Paul took a few weeks ago. Not sure if I shared with you that their wedding has been postponed until April of next year. The stress of trying to plan a wedding in a short amount of time and then finding that the expense was beyond our wildest imagination's made them change it from Oct to April. At first I was disappointed but did not take long for me to realize that was a wise decision.
Paul is everything that I have been praying for Christi so I feel so blessed that he came back into her life. They dated in high school and now twenty years later they will be married in a few months.
Since I am having so much trouble typing this post I will not keep you much longer. I mainly wanted to let you know I can post again. Well maybe!
I do want to share something really funny with you before I close. Every year we walk in Austin for Juvenile Diabetes on my Kaci's team. This year was a pretty day for the walk and after it was all over we are walking to our cars and these three teenage girls walk up to my ten year old grandson, Bailey, and ask him for his telephone number. I have to tell you the look on my Baileys face was priceless. I don't think I have ever seen him where he was speechless. After a few minutes he found his voice and admitted to the young ladies that he didn't own a phone. I think his response shocked them. They laughed and went on their way. 
The minute we all were inside the car Bailey kept beating himself up for his reply. He kept coming up with things that he thought he should of said besides I don't have a phone. Of course his sister Kaci and her friend were really coming up with some replies they thought he should of used.
Everyone is already laughing so hard in the car and then Bailey says to me, "Grandma Yellow Hair I guess I am just a Older Woman Chic Magnet." Let me tell you I lost it then. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.
He said, "No grandma it is true! Let me tell you why. A month or so ago we were at the Blake Shelton concert and a older girl came over to where we were sitting and ask mom if she could dance with me."
 Andrea told her she would have to ask him. So she did and they went up near the stage and danced a two step. I was floored hearing this story because I didn't even realize my grandson could two step. hahahaha
Now a month later I am still laughing about this hilarious story. A Older Woman Chic Magnet!
Hopefully I can figure this computer out and enjoy being a blogger again.
Thanks for coming by and checking on me. In case I don't get back here before Thanksgiving I hope you enjoy the day very much and that you share it with friends and family.
Love to all


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Missing You!

Gosh I have missed all you! I don't really know where to start since it's been such a long dry run of not keeping up with my blog but mostly not being able to keep up with all of  you my dear sweet friends.

My main reason for not blogging is my faithful computer for almost six years is just too darn slow to do the least little thing on and to try and look up your sites or even leave a comment is now next to impossible.

This afternoon I decided to take a few hours off and visit my favorite library and confirm that it is my computer and not my internet service that is giving me fits. It only took a few minutes here at the library to confirm what I have known but wanted to deny for months. My computer needs to be buried in a deep hole on the North Forty!

Now I have to start the process of what to buy to replace it and when. I hate to spend the money but I do miss blogging and reading your wonderful post.

Another reason for my lack of blogging is the work out here on the North Forty has more than doubled in the past six months. It is a seven day a week job with not much time for anything else in my life.

My boss did take me to see another Loretta Lynn concert at her ranch in Hurricane Mills. TN,  this month. We did this trip about three years ago and to be able to see Loretta again and her ranch was awesome. She is 82 years old now and still has an amazing voice. Also performing that night was her sister Chrystal Gayle and Sheryl Crow.

It was a good trip but we froze the night of the concert. It was outside and the temps dropped to around 40 degrees a big change from two days before at the ranch with temps in the 90's. I thought I might freeze before she quit singing. I actually felt sorry for her because you could tell she was shivering and ready to get inside.

Barbara wanted to continue the trip a week longer visiting plantations in Mississippi and LA but I knew I had to get back to work. Once I fall behind out here there seems to be no catching up.

Summer is over and we are trying to have fall here but most days it is still in high 80's. I am still dealing with snakes too so I will be glad when a cold front finally sends them into hibernation.

Wish I had time to keep posting but I am on a public computer. I must not be greedy.

Just wanted to check in an explain my absence and to let you know I am still around. Still getting into messes out here on the North Forty but nothing serious.

Hopefully I can find a way to get a computer and maybe start visiting with all of you again soon.

You bring out the better person in me so not blogging has deepened my depression.

Please let me know how your doing. I can pull up my site on my phone so would love to hear how you are.

Love to all